Fall is a great time to decorate your home

It is endless the great choices we have for our gardens this time of year. Pansies, Mums, Decorative Cabbage and Kale, don’t let this beautiful time of year pass you by. Let us help you enjoy the season!

Remember newly planted fall mums will not need any fertilizer this season. During the next growing season begin feeding your mums as new growth emerges, then feed your plants atleast monthly until August.

Ornamental cabbage and kale are fun to watch this time of year. Plant these beauties now and watch them grow and change colors as the temperatures become cooler. They are hardy plants and become bright purple, white and green and will even show through when the snow starts falling.

Here in Northeast Tennessee pansies can be planted in fall and they continue to grow and bloom all winter and into spring.  An added bonus when planting in the fall — the spring bloom is usually much more robust when the plants have been in the ground since fall.

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